We are Crowdfunding on Seedrs!

After a few weeks of sorting things out we have finally been able to launch our Crowdfunding campaign using Seedrs! We mentioned this in our last post and we know that some of you have questions for us.

1) Why are you crowdfunding?

  • We have some big plans but can’t take things to the next level without a seed round. We are really proud to have bootstrapped Static to this stage and have over 28,000 people signed up to the app which is awesome. We do however want to to reach more people and offer a lot more than we do now.
  • Crowdfunding is awesome. There are of course other ways to raise the funds but we wanted to try something new and see if our users would like to become more involved with Static. After looking at many options we decided to go with Seedrs because they have a great community of investors and have an impressive track record. It was also amazing to see Seedrs succesfully raise a huge investment round through their own platform earlier this year which is encouraging stuff.

2) What do you need the money for?

  • Android + Windows apps – We only have an IOS app out there at the moment and have had a massive amount of people asking for alternative platforms. We really want to make this happen so require funds in order to do this as quickly as possible.
  • Structure the back-end for business subscription plan features –  We have planned some really powerful packages which will allow larger customers (like digital agencies) to offer much more value to their clients.
  • Marketing efforts – So far we have marketed the app with a minuscule budget so aim to ramp this up alongside the launch of our android and windows apps. We will also be launching a large sales campaign to start bringing in revenue from our larger clients.

So if you think our app has potential and want to get more involved you should definitely check out our campaign here! It doesn’t have to be a lot (can be as little as £10) but every new investor makes a big difference. We are so grateful for the support so far and are extremely proud of the home-made pitch video that some of you guys created with us! It was really touching to see people taking the time out of their busy schedules to film  this footage and we could no have created the video without you.

We can’t wait to successfully close this round and get back to doing what we do best! As always we really appreciate your support and will keep you all updated with progress! You can check out our campaign here!

Thanks for reading

Chris, Tom and the rest of the Static team